Configuring MyHouse FTP Settings

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Configuring MyHouse FTP Settings


If you want to use the FTP macro command to upload pictures taken by iWitness to a web site, you will need to configure your FTP settings. Open the Preferences window from the Tools menu, and click on the FTP Settings tab.


Compression Options

The compression options determine the size of images uploaded by the FTP command. The Image Size slider adjusts the resolution of the image. Smaller images take up less space; bigger images take up more space. The Quality slider adjusts the clarity of the picture. You can set the quality lower to save files size, but you will see less detail in your pictures.

FTP Account Information

In this section you enter the settings you use to access your FTP space. Your host or ISP should provide this information to you. The "Include time in filename" check-box determines whether each image you upload will be its own file, or if each new file overwrites the old file. If you want to use MyHouse to operate as a web cam, you will want to keep this box un-checked.

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