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Mini Timer Questions

How do I set up my MT10A MiniTimer?

How do I set up my MT12A or MT13A MiniTimer?

How do I review and delete stored MiniTimer events on my MT10A?

Why does my MT10A MiniTimer flash "18:88"?

Why won't my MiniTimer control my modules?

How many lights and appliances can I control with my MiniTimer?

Can I set a timer on my MT12A or XPMT1 that will not always go off at the exact same time?

Can I set a timer on my MT13A or XPMT4 that will not always go off at the exact same time?

How can I temporarily disable the Mini-Timer without deleting the stored events?

KeyChain Remote Questions

How do I program my Slimfire remote?

Why won't my remote control my modules or wall switches?

When I transmit a dim command, my transceiver (TM751) dims the light all the way down and then the transceiver locks up until I unplug it. Why does this happen?

Motion Sensor Questions

Will my pet set off the motion sensor?

How do I change the House and Unit code that my sensor transmits?

What does "Passive Infrared (PIR) Detection" mean?

How long do the batteries last?

What are the horizontal and vertical fields of view for these Motion Sensors?

What is the detection range?

Where should I locate the sensors for the best detection?

Why is my light flashing/turning on at night?

My Motion Sensor is always B2, but works only A1

My Motion Sensor triggers when there is no motion. Could the heat from the sun be triggering it?

How do I set the Off Delay Time on my MS13A/MS14A motion sensor?

How do I set my MS13A/MS14A sensor to only work at night?

How do I set my ActiveEye (MS16A) sensor to only work at night?

Comparison of All Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors with a Camera System

HawkEye Motion Sensor Setup

HawkEye II Motion Sensor Setup

Eagle Eye Motion Sensor Setup

Active Eye Motion Sensor Setup

Instrucciones de la disposición y de funcionamiento para los sensores de movimiento de ActiveEye modelos MS14A (de interior) y MS16A (de interior Al aire libre)