Controlling DVR800HP With X10

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How can I control my Mace 8-channel DVR from ActiveHome Pro?


You will need the following items:

Parts List

  • Eight Universal Modules (UM506)
  • A VGA computer monitor (basically, any monitor made in the last ten years, perhaps excepting the newest flat-panels)
  • A USB computer mouse (not absolutely necessary, but nice for setup)
  • Enough extension cords (not surge suppresors) to plug all the Universal Modules in near the DVR
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire stripper
  • A tiny Philips screwdriver
  • A normal-sized flathead screwdriver

Wiring Up the Universal Modules

Set all the Universal Modules to Continuous contact closure and Relay Only operation, then put them all on the same house code. Take four of them and set them for house codes 1-4. Cut your piece of CAT5 wire in half, or get eight six-foot-long pieces of wire. Strip the ends and mark these wires- four are ground wires and four go to Alarm Inputs 1-4 on the DVR. Twist the four ground wires together, then hook one ground wire to one terminal on each of the four Universal Modules you just set to 1-4. Using the other four wires, connect each numbered alarm input terminal to the open terminal on the corresponding Universal Module. Repeat these steps for the other four modues, which should be set to Unit Codes 5-8. Plug all the Universal Modules in using the extension cords.

Configuring the DVR

Set the DVR not to automatically record, but to record only when an alarm contact is closed.

Setting Up AHP

Define eight Appliance Modules at Unit Codes 1-8 on the House Code you have selected. When you turn one of these modules on from AHP, you should see on-screen recording start for that camera on the DVR. When you turn a module off, recording will cease about ten seconds later.