Delay Between Dialed Numbers

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How long before the dialer calls the next number if no one answers the phone?


The amount of time between dialed numbers isn't a specific length of time, instead it is dictated by the length of your recorded message.

  • The dialer dials the first phone number, in the order you stored them in the console, and automatically begins playing the recorded message.

  • The dialer is set to play that message 3 times automatically to ensure that whomever answers will hear it in its entirety.

  • If someone is there to answer and picks up in the middle of the first playback they will have 2 more chances to catch the full message.

  • If no one is there to answer the call by the end of the 2nd playback, then BEFORE the 3rd playback of the recording starts, the console hangs up and dials the next number.

  • The redial takes only seconds - just enough for the console to set up a new call and dial that new phone number.