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When I try to install my software, I get a message that says "Error 26: Cannot Communicate with Network Server." What does this mean?


This indicates that the installer could not contact X10's download server. All of our paid software programs are currently available via download only. Your computer needs to be online to install and register the software. This allows for easy and quick updates with each new version and ensures that previous versions of our programs do not ship out with the hardware. After installation, you can remove the computer from the Internet connection if you want.

If your computer is on the Internet but you still get that error, something is blocking the connection. Disable or bypass your antivirus/antispyware/security software, routers, or firewalls, then try the install process again. If the software still does not install, please go into the Start menu and select Run. Type COMMAND and hit Enter. A window will appear. Type PING WWW.X10.COM > TEST.TXT and hit Enter. Type TEST.TXT and hit Enter. A Notepad window should open up. Copy and paste the contents of that window into an email; send that email to