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FloodCam Model: VT38A, VR36A, VR31A

Product Pages

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How do I program my VCR Commander with a Floodcam?

I can't turn off the lights on my FloodCam. What should I do?

Does the FloodCam have a microphone?

Can the FloodCam send audio?

What is the power consumption of the FloodCam?

How much power does the FloodCam use?

[[|How do you focus the camera?]]

[[|Can I use my camera as a web cam?]]

[[|How do I connect my camera to my computer?]]

[[|What is the maximum distance I can send the camera's signal?]]

[[|Why can't I get the camera's picture on my TV?]]

[[|Can other devices that operate at 2.4GHz, such as a cordless phone, interfere with the Camera's signal?]]

[[|Why is the picture from my camera fuzzy?]]

[[|What can I do about interference from my wireless network?]]

I'm not able to switch between my cameras

The pictures from cameras are overlapping each other

When I try to switch cameras, both cameras stay on

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