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#REDIRECT [[Floodlights Don't Turn Off]]
'''Why do my floodlights turn on but do not turn off?'''
If the Motion Monitor is accidentally powered off (from a wall switch that controls the power to it or a loss of power) while the floodlights are on, they will stay on when power is reapplied.  To reset the Outdoor Motion Monitor, follow the instructions below.
*Set RANGE control to MAX.
*Set DUSK control to LIGHT.
*Set TIME DELAY to 0.1.
*Set THIS UNIT switch to SENSOR.
*Turn off the power at the circuit breaker panel (in your breaker box).  Wait 10 seconds.
*Turn power back on at the circuit breaker (the floodlights will be on just like they were before power was turned off).
*Wait for 1 minute, and then walk in front of the Motion Detector.
*Make sure that it does not see any other movement for 10 seconds, and check that the floodlights turn off.
*Set RANGE, DUSK, and TIME DELAY controls as desired, following the instructions in the owner's manual.  Your Motion Detector Light Control is now ready to use.  NOTE:  When you first apply power to the Motion Detector, it will not start working until after a delay of 1 minute.
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