Floodlights Don't Turn Off

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Questions I can't turn off the lights on my FloodCam. What should I do? Answer If you can turn FloodCam camera on and off using the remote control--but not the spotlights--then please follow the steps below. Note: Do this during daylight hours in a well-lit environment.

  • Turn off or disconnect power to the FloodCam.
  • Turn the "Light Sensitivity" dial all the way to the "LIGHT" setting (extreme counter-clockwise position).
  • Turn the "Delay" dial all the way to the "MIN" setting (extreme counter-clockwise position).
  • Cover the motion detector; then turn the power to the Flood Cam back on. After about 30-60 seconds, uncover the motion detector.
  • Now walk in front of the FloodCam; then leave its viewing area for at least another 60 seconds.
  • At this point, the lights should turn off.
  • If the lights have not turned off, stay out of the viewing area of the motion detector and use any X10 remote control to send an "OFF" signal to that FloodCam. Make sure that the House and Unit code you use match the one set on the FloodCam.

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