Getting Started with the AirPad

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How do I set up and use my tablet?


Starting Out

First it is recommended that you read the small booklet included with your Tablet to familiarize yourself with the basic procedure such as turning the unit on, etc. The House Symbol takes you to your Home screen at any time. It shows up in a few places but is always visible in the top left hand corner of the screen. The Back Symbol at the top right hand corner of the screen takes you back one screen each time you touch it. (You can also press the hard key on the top of your Tablet (labeled on the back of the Tablet as ESC).

You’ll likely want to set the date and time on your tablet before you go much further. In order to connect to the Internet, so you can visit the Android Market and install applications, you’ll need to turn on Wi-Fi.

Getting Started with Apps

Your tablet is an excellent e-book reader. You can download and install FREE readers from the Android Market, including the popular Kindle and Nook, as well as others such as Reader and Kobo. Note that The Nook Color retails for $249, so you’ve already got a great color e-book reader for $50 less than that!

Here's how to find and install a typical App, like Kindle, from Android Market

After you have a book reader installed, you can set the screen to rotate automatically when you rotate your tablet.


There are many free games available on Android Market and Amazon Market. Just a few examples are Angry Birds, Sudoku, Fruit Ninja, Dragon Fly. Just go to the Android or Amazon Market, search for the name and download it. You can also use a Google search - just add ANDROID DOWNLOAD to the name of the app you are looking for.


You can get useful Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, DropBox (file sharing), OpenTable (restaurant reservations), Google Maps, Wikipedia, Photoshop Mobile – all run very nicely on your Tablet and make life on the go easy and fun.


You can get Pandora Radio, free from Android Market. It lets you select different genres of music and stream them to your Tablet. Just go to Android Market, search for and download Pandora Internet Radio, then create and sign in to your account.

  • Shazam – just tap on the screen and Shazam listens to and identifies any song it hears. It even tells you who sang, it, what album it’s on, and gives you the opportunity to buy it from iTunes.
  • Play videos and movies – Download YouTube from Android Market, watch Flash content with your Browser (something an iPad can’t do). Download the Netflix App and watch streaming videos on your Tablet (requires a Netflix account). Note this cannot be downloaded from Android Market and requires special installation instructions, which will be provided soon.
  • Install the RedBox app and rent movies (for $1.00) that you pick up from any RedBox kiosk.
  • Transfer movies from your laptop or PC to your Tablet via a mini USB cable (included with your Tablet). See here for how to connect your Table to your PC using the mini USB cable:
  • You can How to Connect the Tablet to a TV, so you can watch video on the big screen.
  • Or purchase a micro SD card that you can plug into your PC, transfer movies to, then plug into your Tablet.
  • And of course e-mail. If you don’t already have an account just go to [] and sign up for a free Gmail account, or get other e-mail such as Yahoo or AOL via your browser.