How Do I Add Cameras In Vanguard

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Adding Cameras

Telling Vanguard what cameras you are using is one of the most important parts of setting up the program. Adding cameras sets the camera switching buttons in the main window, determines how you can use motion sensors, and controls what camera options are available to you.

Adding cameras is easy. Just click on the Add button underneath the type of camera you want to set up in Vanguard. The types of cameras are: Pro PTZ, Ninja Pan 'n Tilt, XCam2 (and Wide Eye), Floodcam, and NightWatch or Anaconda. Add as many cameras as you want to use with Vanguard. For help setting up your cameras, see Help Installing Cameras. When you add a FloodCam to Vanguard, a corresponding Motion Sensor is also added automatically.

The second row of camera pictures shows you what cameras you've installed. Click on a camera to change its settings:

Next to Name, type the name or label you want to use to identify this camera. A description of the area its in is helpful. House Code is the letter code assigned to that camera on its power supply. If you are using a Pro PTZ camera, it's 'A' unless you changed it. Unit Code is the number code assigned to that camera. A Pro PTZ Camera is '1' if you control it with C1 on the PTZ Remote, '2' if you control it with C2, and so on.