How To Install A Big Red Button

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How do I install a Big Red Button?



The KR15A sends wireless Radio Frequency (RF) signals to an X10 Transceiver (RR501 or TM751) or any X10 security system base console, which receives the RF signals from the KR15A and passes them onto your house wiring. These signals are then received by X10 Remote Sirens and Lamp, Appliance, or Wall Switch Modules to control lights (or appliances) around your home.

Install two AAA alkaline batteries inside the battery compartment. The KR15A defaults to Housecode A and Unit Code 1, so if that’s what code you want it to control, you are finished setting up the KR15A.

Plug in an X10 security system base console (sold separately) or an X10 RF Transceiver (model RR501 or TM751, sold separately) and set it to Housecode A.

Plug a lamp into an X10 Lamp Module (sold separately) and set it to Housecode A and Unit Code 1. Plug the module into any AC outlet.

Optionally plug a Remote Siren, Model SH10A into any convenient AC outlet. Set it to A1 also.

Press the large red button on the KR15A. The lamp connected to any X10 Module set to A1 will turn on. Hold the red button for a few seconds and the SH10A siren will start “dinging.” Hold the button for still longer and the SH10A’s siren will sound a loud alarm. The siren will stop a few seconds after you release the button.

If you own an X10 security system you can install the KR15A into the Console just like you would any other remote control, door/window sensor, or motion sensor. Just place the Console in the INSTALL mode and press the red button on the KR15A for several seconds (until the Console chimes). Then place the Console in the RUN mode. Now when you press (and hold) the red button, first the Lamp Module will turn on, then the SH10A will ding, then the SH10A will alarm, then the security system’s console will trip. The Console will then call a friend/neighbor, or call ORCA Monitoring Services, depending on which model of security system you own.

To change the House/Unit Code for the KR15A: Press and hold the Unit button (under the battery compartment lid) until the red light blinks twice, then release and press the button the desired number of times for the Unit Code you want (once for Unit Code 1, twice for Unit Code 2, etc.). The light blinks each time you press, and confirms your entry by blinking about 2 seconds after your last press. Use the same procedure to change the Housecode (pressing the House button instead). One press for Housecode A, two presses for B, etc. To confirm the code you’ve set: press the House or Unit code button - the light blinks back the appropriate number of times for the code that is set.