IP Camera Wireless Setup for XX39A or XX59A

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How do I connect my camera to my router wirelessly, instead of with the Ethernet cable?


You should set up your camera next to your router using a network cable (wired) first before you attempt to use it wirelessly.

  • Make sure your router is a wireless router.

  • Make sure the Wi-Fi antenna is installed on the camera.

  • Determine if your router uses encryption - see your router’s owner’s manual for how to do this. If it uses encryption, note the "share key," or password for your wireless security.

  • Login to the camera using the SearchIPCam Tool.

  • Open the camera settings then select the WIRELESS LAN menu

  • Click SCAN in the WIRELESS NETWORK LIST, if there are no results when it finishes click SCAN again.

  • The list should populate with all of the available wireless networks

  • Click on the network you want to connect to.

  • The camera should detect your Network Type, Safe Mode, and Encryption

  • Most newer home routers will use TKIP and WPA2-PSK.

  • Enter your WiFi password in the Share Key field.

  • Click SAVE, then wait for the camera to reboot.

  • Once the camera has finished centering itself - unplug the POWER from the camera.

  • Next, unplug the network cable and plug the power back in.

  • Give the camera a few moments to fully reboot

  • Once the camera switches to the wireless interface is will show up again in the SearchIPCam Tool

  • Once the SearchIPCam Tool finds the camera you can move it to its desired location.


If SearchIPCam cannot find the camera, then the camera may not have detected your encryption type correctly.

  • Reconnect the Ethernet cable
  • Reboot the camera
  • Repeat this procedure testing the other possible encryption options in Network-Wireless LAN Settings-Network Type.