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== Demonstration Video ==
== Demonstration Video ==
[http://www.x10.com/flash_flv/iconremote_learn_flash.html Demonstration Video: iconRemote Learning Feature]
[http://www.x10.com/flash_flv/iconremote_learn_flash.html http://www.x10iconremote.com/icon_rem_vpic.jpg]
[http://www.x10.com/flash_flv/iconremote_learn_flash.html http://www.x10iconremote.com/icon_rem_vpic.jpg]

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How do I learn codes from another remote?

Demonstration Video



The iconRemote’s learning feature lets you “learn” functions from your original remote control. For example - you may want to use your remote to operate the RANDOM PLAY feature from your original CD remote control. This remote is equipped with an “easy learning” feature that lets you “learn” features (such as RANDOM PLAY, etc., from your original CD remote).

You can learn commands from an existing remote and store them under the “Main” keys on the iconRemote, or learn commands from an existing remote and store them under any of the 10 Side Keys. At the Home screen press the Side Key next to Learn.

At the next screen you press any of the 5 Side Keys K1-K5 on the left to learn commands under a Side Key, or press any of the top 4 Side Keys K6-K9 on the right to learn commands under the main keys on the remote.

If you press a right Side Key (to select Main Keys) you are going to learn, say, the Chan Up key from an existing remote and store it under the Chan Up key on the iconRemote. Or learn the Power key from an existing remote and store it under the Power key on the iconRemote, etc.

If you press a left Side Key (to select Side Keys) you are going to learn, say, the “DVD Zoom” function from an existing remote and store it under a Side Key on the iconRemote. You will then be able to name the key “DVD Zoom” and access this “DVD Zoom” function from the Mode screen when the remote is in the mode that you selected when you learned this “DVD Zoom” command.

Tips On Learning

  1. Some functions from some types of remotes might not be able to be learned.
  2. No functions may be learned under the HOME, MODE, FAVORITE, HIS, or HERS (hard) buttons.
  3. Use fresh batteries for both the iconRemote and your Original Remote.
  4. Keep at least three feet away from incandescent or low energy lights when learning.
  5. Place the original remote end-to-end with the iconRemote so the IR transmitter (at the top) on your original remote points at the IR learning device on the bottom of the iconRemote. You may need to adjust the position of either remote to achieve this.
  6. Keep the distance between the two remotes to approximately 1 inch and do not move or change the distance between the two remotes until you have learned all the required buttons.
  7. When Learning, do not release the button being Learned until the display prompts you to do so. Exception: Some keys might be learned multiple times if you do this. If this happens just “tap” the key you want to learn, rather than press and hold it. Some experimentation might be required.
  8. If learning the first or second keys results in continuous errors then try the following:
  • Check the IR transmitters/sensors are correctly aligned between the two remotes.
  • Adjust the distance between the two remotes to be closer (e.g. half an inch) or a further away (e.g. 2 inches) from each other.
  • Try learning the original remote keys again.
    • If problems reoccur with the same key check the original remote key being learned – does it transmit? Does it operate the target device?