Identifying and Fixing Low Battery Warnings

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Questions Why does my security console beep five times? Answer The five beeps you hear from your security console are a low battery indication. If a zone light is flashing, change the batteries in that sensor. If no zone lights flash, replace the battery in the console. [p]If you have replaced the batteries and the beeping continues, try resetting the console. Refer to your [A href=""]DS7000 manual for further details.[/A] [/p] [p class="HLSection"]Related Articles[/p] [a href="/kbase/articles/a00215.html"]a00215[/a] : Protector Plus (DS7000) Message Dialer Quick Setup[BR] Key Topics: security,console,dialer,phone,number,dial,system,protector,plus,ds700,ps561,message,record Relates to: DS7000,PS561 [img src=""]