Improving Remote Control Range

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What can I do to improve the range of my remote controls?


If you are having problems with your remote control or motion sensor, it is always a good idea to first make sure you have fresh batteries in it.

Your remote controls/sensors use radio frequency ("RF") signals to communicate with the ActiveHome Pro USB Interface (CM15A), so it is best to set up the interface for best reception. Here are some options to try:

  • Move the antenna on the interface so it is sticking straight out from the body of the box. In many cases, this will improve reception range significantly.
  • Download and store all of your timers and macros into the interface; then unplug it from its USB cable. Sometimes noise from your computer can travel on the USB cable and cause interference for X10 remote commands.
  • Try moving the interface itself to an outlet away from your computer and monitor. You can use an extension cord or power strip--but not a surge protector--to get it higher off the ground, where it may be easier to receive the signals.

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