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Model: KR32A

This handy little remote can arm and disarm your security system with the touch of a button from up to 40 feet away. Arm the system as you leave the house, disarm it as you pull in the driveway and more. Forget rushing in to enter a code - just hit a button. Your system can handle up to 16 of these remotes. Add as many as you need! They even allow you to turn lights on and off with the touch of a button.

Two For One Packs Available!

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Q: Is it difficult to set-up?
A: Nope, it's super easy! All you need to do is register it with your console, which only takes a couple buttons, then it beeps to confirm!

Q: What makes the SMART Security Keychain Remote (KR32A) different than the original Security Keychain Remote (KR10A)?
A: The new SMART Security Keychain Remote is much smaller, which makes it even better for clipping to your key ring. In addition, instead of holding down arm and disarm buttons to trigger the panic feature, it has it's own panic button.

Q: Does it work with my old security console?
A: Absolutely! The SMART Security Keychain Remote works with both the new SecuriLINK Console and Protector Plus Console (PS561).

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