List of Tested AirPad Apps

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Here are some apps that we have tested:

  • Amazon Kindle: Tested
  • Barns & Noble Nook: Tested
  • Flash Player: Tested
  • Skype: Tested - everything works but video, which requires a rear-facing camera
  • Pandora Internet Radio: Tested
  • Angry Birds: Tested
  • YouTube: Tested
  • Netflix: Tested, but requires a special loading procedure.
  • Google Maps: Tested
  • Google Search: Tested
  • Google Earth: Tested
  • Gmail: Tested
  • Shazam: Tested
  • Dropbox: Tested - works wery well! Opens PDFs, Powerpoint files, etc., stored on DropBox
  • Sudoku: Tested
  • Redbox: Tested
  • Aquarium Live Wallpaper: Tested
  • OpenTable (Restaurant reservations): Tested, but you need to enter your location manually since the tablet does not have GPS
  • Twitter: Tested