Locating a Junction Box for the Dual Floodlight Motion Detector

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What do I need to check before ordering and installing a Dual Floodlight Motion Detector?


Ideally, install the Motion Monitor assembly in a wall box that is powered at all times. You can also install it in a wall box that is controlled by a wall switch; if you do so, make sure you leave the switch on at all times. Turning the switch off will completely disable the Motion Monitor.

CAUTION: To prevent severe damage to the unit, do not connect it to a wall box that is controlled by any kind of dimmer or remote controlled switch.

If the Motion Monitor is powered off (from a wall switch that controls the power to it) while the floodlights are on, it will stay on when the power is reapplied. After dark, (depending on the position of the dusk setting) trigger the Motion Monitor by walking in front of it, then after the delay time you’ve set the floodlights will turn off and return to normal operation.