MT12A Security Mode

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Can I set a timer on my MT12A that will not always go off at the exact same time?


If you advance to a specific time, and then press one of the ON or OFF buttons, you will set an On or Off time for that Unit Code to occur every day at exactly the same time.

If you, within 4 seconds after setting an On or Off time, press the “Mode” button once or twice until Security is shown in the display, you will modify the program for that particular Unit Code to occur every day at a slightly different time each day.

The event you have programmed will happen at the time you have programmed on the first day, and will then happen at a different time on each subsequent day (within the hour you have programmed). For example, if you advance to 7:35 PM, press the ON button for number 2 and then (within 4 seconds) press the Mode button once or twice until Security shows in the display, the Module(s) set to Unit Code number 2 will go On at exactly 7:35 PM on the first day and any time between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM every day after that. This time will vary each day so that the Module doesn’t go on at the same time each day (to give your home a lived-in look).

You can mix Once, Daily, and Security events for the same Unit Code (up to the 64 maximum events for all 8 unit codes).