Mini Timer Troubleshooting

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Why ain't it workin' right?


1) Is it flashing 18:88?

  Y=18:88 Error
  N=go to 2

2) Does it light up when you plug it in? Does a red light come on when you press a On/Off button? Does the clock keep accurate time?

  Y=go to 3
  N=If the MiniTimer does not light up at all then it is probably defective.

3) Can you control all your modules by pushing the buttons on the MiniTimer?

  Y=go to 3
  N=MiniTimer module control

4) When you set a timer, does it run if you make sure the 1-4/5-8 switch is in the correct position and you make sure you have AM/PM correct?

  Y= go to 5
  N= Double-check that your answer to 3 is Yes; if so, your MiniTimer is probably defective.

5) Are you having difficulties deleting an existing timer?

  Y=Deleting Stored MiniTimer Events 
  N=Please email with a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing.

If you have problems answering these questions, please refer to MiniTimer Setup.