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Why can't I turn my module on from ActiveHome Pro? I can control some of my modules, but not all of them. What can I do?


Several things can keep ActiveHome Pro from controlling your X10 modules. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to try: *Make sure the ActiveHome Pro USB Interface (CM15A) is connected to your PC and plugged into an electrical outlet when using ActiveHome Pro software. *Check to be sure that you have set the House and Unit Codes on the modules in ActiveHome Pro to the same letters and numbers as the modules you want to control. *Turn on the lamp or appliance from its own switch. Leave it turned on, and try to control its X10 module from ActiveHome Pro. Sometimes, the issue is as simple as having the actual lamp or appliance turned off. *Be sure that the light or appliance you wish to control is the correct type and rating for the X10 module in use.

A good test is to plug your ActiveHome USB Interface (CM15A) into a power strip along with the module. If the Interface and module are right next to one another, nothing should be in the way of X10 signals between them. If you can now control the module from the software, then it works properly.

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