Moving Apps between screens on my AirPad7p ICS

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The Home Screen

  1. ICS Home Screen.png

Copying App icons from your main Apps screen to your Home Screen

  1. On your Home screen, (shown above) touch this icon ICS 6 dots.png (top right of the screen) to access the main Apps screen (shown below).
    ICS Main Screen.png
  2. Find and touch the icon for the App you want to copy to your Home screen.
  3. Hold your finger on the App icon until your Home screen appears.
  4. Release your finger from the icon.
  5. A copy of the icon for that App is now duplicated on your Home screen.

To remove an App icon from your Home Screen, touch and hold the icon until the trash can appears (at the top of the screen) and then drag the icon to the trash. When the trash can turns red, release your finger from the screen.

Note this does NOT remove the icon from your main Apps screen, nor does it uninstall the App. See How do I uninstall Apps

Moving Apps between the 5 screens

There are 5 discrete Home screens on your AirPad 7P.

Your can see the individual screens by swiping your finger from left to right. The Main Home screen is the screen in the middle of the 5 screens.

To move Apps around on a screen, or from one screen to another, touch and hold the icon for the App you want to move. You will notice that you can then drag the icon around the screen. Drag it to an open spot on that screen, or drag it off to the left or right of the screen and hold it until the screen you want to move it to is shown, then release your finger from the screen.

Some practice might be necessary to get the hang of how to hold your finger on an icon for an App, how to move your finger off the edge of the screen, and when to release your finger.

Note: There are also 5 “Main screens” where installed Apps and Widgets are shown. You can copy Widgets from the Main screens to your Home Screens in the same way as described above for copying Apps to your Home screens.