Multiple Cameras with One Video Receiver

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Can I use multiple cameras with one Video Receiver?


Yes, you can use one video receiver with multiple cameras. However, it will only display one camera at a time on the screen. Each one has an addressable power supply that responds to X10 commands. These commands are sent over your house wiring from a TM751 Transceiver module or the CM15A ActiveHome Pro Interface. You set all the camera power supplies to the same House Code and each one to a different unit code (1, 2, 3, or 4). As long as your transceiver module or interface are plugged in and working, you can then control the cameras with an X10 remote.

The remote sends an RF command to the transceiver, and the transceiver sends the command over your house wiring to one of the power supplies to turn it on or off.

We recommend that you set all 4 cameras to the same channel as your Video Receiver (A, B, C, or D). The channel switch on each camera is located under the gray rubber plug near the screw holes for mounting. Because of the type and size of the switch, the positions are not labeled. Channel A, the factory default setting, is at the bottom; Channel D is at the top. Make sure you replace the rubber plug if you are using the X10 camera outdoors.

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