Multiple XCam2s to PC with MultiView or PTP or XRV

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My multiple-wireless-camera kit is supposed to record to my PC, but it's not working. What could be wrong?


Setup Problems

Most likely, some part of the system is not configured correctly. Here is a master list of symptoms with all possible causes listed:

Software will not install and register

  • No internet connection
  • Did not get download email
  • Ports blocked for registration
  • No Administrator access
  • Computer security software prevents installation

Software crashes on opening

  • Complete reinstall procedure.

VA11A / "could not capture" /"could not put in graph" error message on opening software

  • VA11A plugged into non-powered USB port
  • Driver not installed correctly
  • Incorrect Video Capture Device selected

No picture on PC

  • Wrong power supply on video receiver; the VR31A takes a PR30A and the VR36A takes a D9300.
  • Video receiver not turned on-check power switch near antenna hinge
  • Video reciever not connected to VA11A
  • Camera and video receiver on different A-D transmission channels.
  • If your PC gives you a "test screen" instead of displaying static, there may just be really, really nasty 2.4GHz radio interference in your location. Try connecting some other device with a video output to the VA11A.
  • Pan Tilt Pro: NetMeeting not set up correctly

Cameras won't switch via remote

  • TM751 not plugged in to wall outlet.
  • TM751 and cams not set to matching House and sequential Unit codes
  • TM751 or camera in outlet with bad power line communications; causes include:
    • Surge Strip- all cameras must be plugged directly into the wall
    • Line Noise
    • Phases Not Bridged
    • If an inverter or generator is used, it must generate pure sine wave AC power.
  • Remote not set to correct House code
  • RF signal from remote control not reaching the TM751

Cameras won't switch via PC

  • CM19A not plugged in to USB.
  • Actual camera codes do not match codes set in software.
  • CM19A signals not reaching TM751

Bad Picture

Hardware Problems

Here is a list of devices in a common wireless camera kit and all possible issues they may have short of complete failure. Devices that have completely failed should be fairly easy to identify.


  • Broken antenna- will click from the button on the front, but will not click via remote.
  • Broken relay-TM751 will not click from button or relay, but will still retransmit. Rare.
  • Broken powerline sender- will click but will not control other devices. This is extremely rare but has been known to happen. It is hard to diagonse without another TM751.

XCam2+Power Supply

Video Receiver

Motion sensor

  • Broken IR sensor- LED only flashes when you tap the buttons under the battery cover
  • Broken antenna- LED flashes but cameras do not switch; remote control works.