MyHouse Online Port and Protocol Information

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What ports and protocols does MyHouse Online use?

What ports do I need to allow traffic on in my firewall or Internet security software? Ans: port 8001, 80, 443

Why has x10 not added the ability to control port use for those thousands of users whose internet supplier blocks ports 80 and 443?"

What ports are required for MyHouse Cameras? Ans: port 8080 and 8888


The MyHouse Online Service will work for almost all Internet connection configurations, including most firewalls and with Network Address Translation (NAT). If you have extra security on the computer where you are using MyHouse Online, you may need to make some changes to the software to allow your MyHouse connection to work. Before you do, be sure you are logged in as a Power User or Administrator so that you can effect these changes.

Make sure the computer is able to accept incoming and outgoing TCP connections to on port 80 and 443. Blocked or rerouted ports are behind about ninety-five percent of registration and connection problems.

Since each security program and firewall is different, you will need to consult your manual or the provided technical support for information on how to make the necessary changes.

You may find that port 80 and 443 will not bind to run the above test. The port you need to punch through on your firewall is port 8001. Open up port 8001 on your firewall NAT to your PC. Then test it with the above link and enter in 8001 as the port.

If you have video cameras, then you need to review this article as well to open up ports 8080 and 8888.

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