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Here is a simple guide that will walk you through the features available in the AirSight App



Upon running the app for the first time you will be presented with the ADD CAMERA page


Use the icons along the bottom of the screen to navigate between the different tabs

Subsequent visits will bring you directly to the CAMERAS tab



After you've added your cameras to the app - the ADD CAMERA tab will show your list of cameras as well as their status


  • GREEN = Online
  • YELLOW = Incorrect Password
  • BLACK = Offline

Use the EDIT CAMS button to delete cameras from your list or access their settings menu



To view live video tap the image of your camera on the CAMERA tab to access the LIVE VIEW menu


While your phone is in vertical orientation you can access all of the features available for your camera by clicking on the small icons located along the bottom of the screen:


  • Record Video
  • Take a Snapshot
  • Listen and Talk with Two-Way Audio: (XX60A and XX70A PTZ cameras require external mic and speaker -not included)
  • Set Preset Position
  • Call Preset Position

While the phone is in horizontal orientation you can access:

  • Record Video
  • Take a Snapshot
  • Listen and Talk with Two-Way Audio: (XX60A PTZ requires external mic and speaker -not included)


If your camera model has the ability to zoom - you will notice additional buttons added: F Zoom.png

To zoom your camera in and out you can either pinch/spread the image with your fingers or use the

Zoom In F ZoomI.png and Zoom Out F ZoomO.png icons.

Record Video

To record live video simply tap the video camera icon to access the RECORD CONTROL menu

F MotionRecord.png

From the RECORD CONTROL menu you can start and stop your recordings.

F RecordControl.png


To take snapshots simply tap the camera icon

F SnapShot.png

You will receive a message that a snapshot was successfully saved to your PHOTOS folder of your phone.

F SnapShotSaved.png

Listen and Talk with Two-Way Audio

Most of the AirSight IP camera models include an on-board microphone and speaker providing two-way audio communication.

F Audio.png

For AirSight IP camera models that do not (XX60A PTZ) an external microphone and speaker are required to utilize this feature.

Simply tap the speaker icon to access the AUDIO CONTROL menu


The audio status box will let you know what mode the camera is currently in: Mute, Listen, or Speak.

F AudioStatus.png


Most of the AirSight IP camera models can pan and tilt and some even have the ability to zoom.

Use the preset feature to program up to 16 preset positions for your camera to quickly retrieve later.

F Preset.png

To program a preset position, pan/tilt/zoom to the desired location and tap the PRESET SAVE icon

F PresetSave.png

A numbered menu appears - tap a number to program that preset position

F PresetSaveChoose.png

To call that preset position - tap the PRESET icon

F PresetGo.png

A numbered menu appears - tap a number to call that preset position

Your camera will pan/tilt/zoom to the appointed position that you set.

F PresetGoChoose.png

Exit Live View

To exit the Live View menu simply tap the BACK button to return to your camera list to view other cameras.

F Back.png


From the camera's SETTINGS menu you can:

  • Change the Camera's Password
  • Access the WiFi Settings
  • Adjust the Date/Time Settings
  • Access the Alarm Settings
  • Update Email Settings
  • Access the Motion Detection Settings
  • Adjust the SDCard settings
  • Check the Camera's Firmware Version
  • Set the Environment

NOTE: The PASSWORD field, while editable, will NOT change the P2P password for your camera. (See the Change Password Menu section below).


Change Password Menu

You can change the P2P password for your camera from the CHANGE PASSWORD menu

  • OLD PWD: Type the password your want to change
  • NEW PWD: Type your newly chosen password
  • CONFIRM: Re-Type your newly chosen password
  • Tap SAVE


WiFi Menu

Use the WIFI menu to set a different wireless network

  • Locate your wireless network from the list of available networks
  • Type in your WiFi password (case sensitive) and tap OK


Date/Time Settings Menu

Use the DATE/TIME SETTINGS menu to sync the camera's date and time with your smartphone or tablet

Please note that this feature is not supported on all models - the camera must be an XX69A, XX70A or newer to utilize this feature


Alarm Settings Menu

If you have an external siren or output switch connected to the IO pins on the back of the camera you can access the settings for the inputs from the ALARM SETTINGS menu

More information regarding the I/O Pins can be found here.


Mail Settings Menu

Use the MAIL SETTINGS menu to enter the credentials for the email address you would like the camera to use to send notifications via email

Please note that this feature is not supported on all models - the camera must be an XX69A, XX70A or newer to utilize this feature


Motion Detection Menu

Use the MOTION DETECTION menu to turn motion detection ON/OFF, adjust the sensitivity of the detection, and set the required action when a motion event is triggered


SDCard Settings Menu

If your camera model includes an on board SDCard slot, you can check the available capacity of the SDCard, format the SDCard, and set the recording frequency to the SDCard from the SDCARD SETTINGS menu

NEWAPP11.png NEWAPP11B.png

Firmware Version Menu

The FIRMWARE VERSION menu displays your camera's current firmware version


Environmental Mode Menu

Use the ENVIRONMENT MODE menu to select the appropriate mode for the cameras viewing environment:


  • INDOOR MODE: Used for normal indoor environments (50-60Hz)

Power line frequency or mains frequency is the frequency of the oscillations of alternating current (AC) in an electric power grid transmitted from a power plant to the end-user. In large parts of the world this is 50 Hz, although here in America, and some parts of Asia it is typically 60 Hz. AirSight IP cameras have multi-voltage (100-240VAC, 50-60Hz) power supplies for use in both environments - the Light Frequency is simply to communicate to the software which one is in use - however it is unlikely that changing from 50Hz to 60Hz will provide a noticeable difference.

  • OUTDOOR MODE: Used for cameras mounted outdoors or facing out windows

NOTE: Facing a camera out a window renders them useless for night time viewing due to the reflection of the IR LEDs.



Use the LOCALRECORD tab to access your VIDEO and SNAPSHOTS


Use the VIDEO and SNAPSHOT tabs at the top of the screen to navigate between them


Tap the ARROW to the right of the camera's name to access the PHOTO or VIDEO menu

LRT2N.png NewCameraPhotos.png

Tap the PHOTO or VIDEO to view

NewPhotoView.png NewPhotoViewIcons.png

Use the DELETE and SAVE icons to discard or save to your PHOTOS folder on your phone.

If this is the first time saving PHOTOS or VIDEO tap OK when prompted


The app will notify you the image was saved successfully - tap OK to return to your list of photos or videos



SDCard TAB If your camera model includes an on board SDCard slot, you can access the snapshots and videos stored on the SDCard from the SDCARD tab NEWAPP18.png


MORE INFO TAB NEWAPP19.png Traffic Statistics NEWAPP20.png Help NEWAPP21.png

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