NEW Airsight Multi-Device Settings

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How do I setup my my system to view multiple cameras from the same screen?


Multi-Device can only be set within Internet Explorer - Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, do not support ActiveX and cannot see these settings

  • Go to the SETUP menu and then click MULTI-DEVICE SETTINGS:
  • Click REFRESH, to ensure all H.264 cameras connected to the local network are listed.
  • Click SECOND DEVICE to access the new device menu
  • Click to highlight the IP address of the camera you'd like to add in the DEVICE LIST IN LAN box - the HOST ADDRESS, WEB PORT, and MEDIA PORT field will autofill with the appropriate credentials.
  • Check ENABLE and enter that camera's USERNAME and PASSWORD
  • Click ADD
  • Repeat these steps for any additional cameras you want to add from the DEVICE LIST IN LAN box
  • Once you've finished adding in your cameras click SAVE.
  • Go back to LIVE VIDEO, by clicking the camera icon at the top of the screen
  • Choose from a single, four, or nine camera grid using the multi-device radio buttons located above the OSD drop down menu.