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;Owner's Manual: http://x10pro.com/pro/pdf/plm01.plm03.pdf 
;Weight:  0.28 lbs. 
;Power Supply:  120VAC @ 60Hz 
;Maximum Load: 300W incandescent 
;Minimum Load: 40W
;PLM01 The AGC Lamp Module incorporates an advanced X10 Powerline circuit design which allows the Module to operate in adverse environments. The principal advantage is better noise rejection. These Modules are recommended for all installations where reliability of operation is paramount.
;PLM03 The NON-AGC Lamp Module principal advantage is greater sensitivity to the X10 Command Signal in an installation where electronic interference is low.
;Suggestion: Always keep one of each Module in your supply, as one may perform better than the other based on the installations ability to
propagate the X10 Command versus electronic noise interference.
[[Lamp Modules|More information]]

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