Problems Learning IR Codes

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Questions What should I do when my VCR Commander will not accept IR codes during programming? Answer If you are having trouble getting the VCR Commander to accept input from your remote, try the following:

  • Verify that the VCR Commander is connected to a functional outlet.
  • Check that the IR emitter cable is NOT connected to it.
  • Make sure that the batteries in VCR remote are no more than six months old.
  • Aim the VCR remote at IR target on the back of the VCR Commander when sending commands.
  • Always hold the VCR remote within one inch of this IR target.
  • See if the UX21A/UX23A VCR Commander or VCR Commander II has been properly entered into �Learn IR� mode.

After verifying each of the above steps, clear the IR memory in the VCR Commander and attempt to relearn the IR codes once more. #4: [img src="a00044_01.jpg" border=2] Related Articles [a href="/kbase/articles/a00039.html"]a00039[/a] : Setting Up and Learning with VCR Commander[BR] Key Topics: ir, learn, command, commander, play, stop, record, remote, infrared Relates to: UX21A, UX23A, MS12A, MS13A, MS14A, MS16A [img src=""]