Programing Your Socket Rocket Without A Remote

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How can I program my socket rocket without a remote?


If you purchased an ActiveHome Pro kit without a remote, you can still program your LM15A by creating a macro to send the 3 sequential On commands with a 1 second delay between each.

Creating A Macro

To create a new macro, click on the (+) button on the Macros bar in the Folder pane. You can also add a macro from the Edit menu, or by right-clicking in a room and choosing �Add Macro� from the pop-up menu. When you create a new macro, you start in a blank Macro Editor window.

  • Drag your Socket Rocket module from the right-hand pane into the Macro Designer. Select the "ON" button. Repeat this twice so the module is listed three times within the Macro Designer.
  • Drag the "Delay" option from the right-hand pane between your first and second Socket Rocket modules.
  • Drag the "Delay" option from the right-hand pane between your second and third Socket Rocket modules.
  • Change the "Delay" in each box to be only 00:00:01.
  • After the macro is designed, click on "Tools," and select "Download Timers and Macros" from the toolbar.

Go to the room you placed your macro in and click on "Run Macro." Your light should now be turned on and programmed to the house and unit code you selected within the software.