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Questions How do I program my Slimefire remote? Answer The most important part of programming the Keychain Remote, aside from pressing the correct buttons, is timing. You need only 1 to 2 seconds for each step. To set the House Code, press and hold the top "On" button. When you first press it, the light (LED) on the remote will flash briefly and go out. Continue to hold the button until the light comes on again. It will flash once again (if you have not already changed this setting), then go out. Now press and release the On button to set the House code. One press will set it to "A," two to "B," three to "C," and so on. After each press the light will flash--wait until it goes out to press the button again. On the last press, hold the button and do not release it. The LED will flash once, go out, and then flash the number of times equal to the number of times you pressed the On button. The House Code is now set. Repeat this process using the top "Off" button to set the Unit code. In this case, the number of button presses you use will be equal to the unit number you want to assign as the starting remote unit. te unit. Related Articles [img src="http://site.x10.com/?Z3gxT2tiYXNlYXJ0aWNsZTEuZGF0=RND%7Ckbasearticle"]