Protector Plus Does Not Dial Correctly

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When I trip the alarm, my Protector Plus sounds the alarm but does not seem to dial the numbers. What can I check?


First, double-check that numbers have been stored correctly:

  1. Set the console to INSTALL.
  2. Press the PROG button.
  3. Enter the first phone number that you want the console to call in the event of a problem.
  4. Press the MEM button.
  5. Press 1 to store the phone number in memory location 1.
  6. Press PROG, enter second phone number, press MEM, 2.
  7. Press PROG, enter third phone number, press MEM, 3.
  8. Press PROG, enter third phone number, press MEM, 4.

Note: if you only want to program one phone number, you should store this same number in all four memory locations.

After this, trigger the alarm, then pick up an extension phone 3-5 seconds later. You should hear the console dialing. If you do not, try plugging the console into another phone jack. Plug it directly into the jack, not using our splitter, then test it again. If you still do not hear it dialing then your console may have an issue.