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How come I can only record, play, listen or talk in Internet Explorer?

How come I cannot record, play, listen or talk in my Windows 10 Edge Browser?


The RECORD, PLAY, LISTEN, and TALK options require ActiveX Controls.

Currently Internet Explorer is the only browser that can utilize these options.

The camera needs to be logged into Internet Explorer as ADMINISTRATOR to record manually and to record in the event of an alarm.

Windows 10 - Edge Browser

The AirSight IP cameras will work on a PC running Windows 10.

Please note though that Windows 10 no longer defaults to Internet Explorer with ActiveX controls, it uses Microsoft's new browser EDGE.

Since Edge does not support ActiveX controls, it will be similar to viewing your camera via other non-ActiveX browsers like Chrome or FireFox.

As such you'll need to use the SIGN IN option under SERVER PUSH MODE (For Safari,FireFox, Google Browser) to be able to view your cameras in an Edge browser.

PC's that have been updated to Windows 10 from a previous OS version can still access an IE browser by navigating to the PROGRAM FILES (X86) folder of their C: drive - then INTERNET EXPLORER file then run the IEXPLORER.EXE file as administrator.