Resetting the iconRemote

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- Never forget which channel is which - - change channels by recognizable TV station icons!

- Customize the remote for every member of the family - set favorite channels for you, your wife, your kids and even the babysitter.

- Program it in under five minutes - easy set-up wizard walks you through step-by-step set-up

What's Included?


How do I clear out my iconRemote's memory and start over again?

How do I run the iconRemote's Intro Wizard again?


Press the Home key, then press Setup, then press Clear Settings, then press Master Clear, then press Clear again. Please note that this will, of course, erase everything you have set up in the remote. After performing this reset procedure the Intro Wizard will appear. You can exit the Wizard at any time by pressing the Home button (located just below the screen). Follow the instructions on the Wizard screens to familiarize yourself with the OK, Back, and Side Keys. You can go back and forth through the Wizard but once you leave it and move on to setting up devices you won't see the Wizard again unless you perform this reset procedure.

If the remote is in the wrong language, you can go through by the numbered buttons. Call the top left Side Key ONE and the ones below it TWO through FIVE in order. The right Side Keys are SIX through TEN. Hit Home, then side key FOUR, then side key THREE, then side key FIVE, then side key TEN. You should now see the language selection screen.