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#REDIRECT [[Return Outside of Amazon Return Period]]
'''How do I request warranty claim on an item that is still under warranty but outside of Amazon's return period?'''
* Log into your account on Amazon.com
* Select ""Your Orders"" from the drop down under ""Your Account""
*Select ""Return or Replace Items"" button for the item you wish to replace
*If you receive a message that says ""This item cannot be returned. Return Window expired on XXX"", select the ""View Order Summary"" button
*Select the "Seller Profile" link next to "Sold by:" under the item you wish to return
*Select ""Contact the Seller"" under ""Further Information"" in the bottom right-hand corner
*Ensure that the ""An order I placed"" radio button is selected under ""I need assistance with""
*Select ""Invoice Request"" from the ""Select a Subject"" drop down
*Select the ""Write Message"" button
*In the message box that appears, please include the reason for replacement and an email address to send your response to and then click "Send e-mail"" button

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