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#REDIRECT [[Return Outside of Amazon Return Period]]
'''How do I request warranty claim on an item that is still under warranty but outside of Amazon's return period?'''
* Log into your account on Amazon.com
* Select ""Your Orders"" from the drop down under ""Your Account""
Select ""Return or Replace Items"" button for the item you wish to replace
If you receive a message that says ""This item cannot be returned. Return Window expired on XXX"", select the ""View Order Summary"" button
Select the "Seller Profile" link next to "Sold by:" under the item you wish to return
Select ""Contact the Seller"" under ""Further Information"" in the bottom right-hand corner
Ensure that the ""An order I placed"" radio button is selected under ""I need assistance with""
Select ""Invoice Request"" from the ""Select a Subject"" drop down
Select the ""Write Message"" button
In the message box that appears, please include the reason for replacement and an email address to send your response to and then click "Send e-mail"" button

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