SecuriLINK Home Security System

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Model: SC12A

We've designed the SecuriLINK SMART Home Security System to be extremely easy to set-up, affordable, straightforward and without the hidden fees. AWhen the console is triggered, it flashes your home's lights and blares a piercing 95 decibel siren (about as loud as a home stereo on max volume). And, it activates the voice dialer system. It calls you first. If you don't answer, it calls five additional programmable numbers (friends, relatives or neighbors) until somebody picks up. When you answer, it plays a recorded message (in your words), letting you know that there is a possible burglary at your home. Press any key on the touchtone phone to listen in on your home. That way you can determine if there really is an emergency or if someone at home accidentally tripped the alarm. This state-of-the-art, wireless home security system will be the last security system you need!

Product Pages


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