Setting The CM15A to send RF Commands

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How do I set the CM15A to send RF commands?


Try setting up a macro within ActiveHome Pro that transmits an RF command to a transceiver module (TM751).

  • Open a new macro.
  • In the Macro Generator screen, you will find the modules in your room listed to the right of the screen.
  • Directly above those modules is a drop-down menu with the name of your room in it. Click on the drop-down and scroll down. Select "RF commands."
  • Drag and drop the command you wish to use.


You can use RF macros to control modules that are tricky to control directly from the CM15A. First, move the recalcitrant module to an unused house and unit code. Get a TM751 Transciever, set it to the House Code of the non-responding module, and plug it in on the same circuit breaker as that module. Set the command to the house and unit code that you are sending to the TM751, and it will re-transmit the signal over your house wiring.

Here is an example:

Bob can control three wall switches on A1-A3, but A4 does not respond. He moves A4 to B4, then plugs in a TM751 set to B on the same breaker as B4. Bob builds two macros:

  1. Trigger A4 On//Send RF Command B4 On
  2. Trigger A4 Off//Send RF Command B4 Off

He can now use any remote or X10 controller to turn A4 on and off, and the light that was at A4 and is now at B4 will react. Effectively, he has "mapped" B4 to A4.

When doing this, be careful to never have a macro that sends its own trigger code as an RF command; if you have a transceiver plugged in, and ActiveHome Pro can hear that transceiver, it will get stuck in a loop where the macro triggers the transceiver which triggers the macro ad infinitum.