Setting Up the Remote Chime

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This guide should help you in quickly setting up the X10 Remote Chime.


  • Set the House code dial on the SC546A Remote Chime to the same letter as your X10 Controller (TM751 Transceiver Module, MT10A Mini Timer, etc.).
  • Set the Unit Code dial on the SC546A to any unused number between 1 and 16. If you are using it with a Motion Sensor, set it to the same House code and Unit Code as your Motion Sensor (MS13A/MS14A/MS16A) and the same House code as your Transceiver (TM751)--if you are using a Transceiver as opposed to the ActiveHome Professional software interface.
  • Plug the SC546A Remote Chime into any unused outlet (not one that is controlled by a wall switch, in case the switch accidentally gets turned off).
  • To test the SC546A, press the number button (on any X10 Controller) corresponding to its Unit Code. Or walk past a Motion Sensor. The Motion Sensor sends a signal to the TM751 (or CM15A interface), which retransmits it over your house wiring to the SC546A. The Remote Chime then sounds.

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