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How do I set the PIN on my SecuriLINK console?


  • Press either of the Menu up/down buttons (under the lid to the bottom right of the display). The display then shows ENTER PIN in the top line.

  • The default PIN is 0000, so press 0000 on the keypad. This clears the top line and shows * for each number entered.

  • Next, you should see 1. INSTALL on the display.

  • Press the down button four times. You should see 5. NEW PIN on the display. Press OK

  • Enter your new four-digit PIN, then press OK.

  • Please choose a PIN that you are not likely to forget and write it down in a secure location. If you forget your PIN you will not be able use the system. If you do forget your PIN click here.

  • Press Clear to back out of the menu. If you press Clear while entering numbers, before you’re finished setting the new PIN, it clears the numbers. If you press Clear after you’ve set the new PIN and pressed OK, you are asked to confirm, 1. YES, 2 NO. Pressing 1 takes you back to the HOME CONTROL screen. Pressing 2 stays in INSTALL mode.

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