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How do I set the time on my SecuriLINK console?


  • Press either of the Menu up/down buttons (under the lid to the bottom right of the display). The display then shows ENTER PIN in the top line.

  • The default PIN is 0000, so press 0000 on the keypad.. This clears the top line and shows * for each number entered.

  • Next, you should see 1. INSTALL on the display.

  • Press the down button two times. You should see 2. SET CLOCK on the display. Press OK

  • Using the numbers on the keypad enter the time followed by AM or PM.

  • Press Clear to back out of the menu. You are asked to confirm, 1. YES, 2 NO. Pressing 1 takes you back to the HOME CONTROL screen. Pressing 2 stays in INSTALL mode.

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