Setting up the Heavy Duty module

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How do I install the Heavy Duty module?


1. Use a small screwdriver to set the red Housecode dial on the Heavy Duty (220V) Module to the same letter as your X-IO Controller(s).

2. Set the black Unit Code dial to any number between 1 and 16.

3. Plug your appliance into the Module and plug the Module into a standard 220V AC wall outlet which is supplied from a regular 110/220V or 120/240V split phase wiring system (as found in most houses). The Heavy Duty 220V Modules do NOT work on 3 phase wiring systems as sometimes found in apartment buildings.

Additional Information

The HD243 can control any 220/240V appliance rated up to 15A.

The HD245 can control any 220/240V appliance rated up to 20A.

The Heavy Duty Module is compatible with all X-10 Controllers and Timers.