Setup to Email Pictures From Vanguard Software

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How do I setup my software to email me pictures?


Follow these steps to setup Vanguard software to email snapshots when motion is detected:

  • Click on the Options tab on the right-hand side. Once Options is open, select the Motion tab on the left-hand side, and you should see the screen below:


  • Add the desired motion sensor; select its House/Unit code from the drop-down menu, and then select the camera you would like to associate with that motion sensor.
  • Click the Configure button to bring up the motion sensor configuration window as shown below:


  • Set the desired frequency and duration for the action.
  • Click OK; then click on the Email tab and you will see the screen below:


  • Enter the appropriate email address information, and add it to the address book; then select OK.

Repeat these steps for each additional camera you setup.