Slimline Switch

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- Lightweight, sleek and slender designer style!

- Adheres to any surface!

- Your dream switch, in the perfect location!

What's Included


Model: SS13a, SS15a

Have you ever wanted a light switch in a certain location, but didn't want to rip a hole in a wall and connect electrical wires? Now X10 has come to the rescue with the ALL NEW Ultra-slim Stick-a-Switch wireless wall switch! Easy single push-button programming has your Stick-a-Switch set for each button to control a different lamp or appliance!

Micro thin! Only 7 millimeters! Completely indistinguishable from an ordinary wall plate. Single push-button programmability. 3 on/off buttons PLUS 4th button dimmer control. Adheres to any surface. Mount it anywhere to have the perfect wall switch right where you've always wanted -- no wiring!

Product Pages


How do I program my Slimline Switch?

Why won't my remote control my modules or wall switches?

When I transmit a dim command, my transceiver (TM751) dims the light all the way down and then the transceiver locks up until I unplug it. Why does this happen?

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