Timer Troubleshooting

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I can control my lights/appliances through ActiveHome manually, so why are my timers not working?


There are several possible reasons for this. First, have you acquired the latest version of ActiveHome? Go to CONFIGURATION | GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION. If the year under DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME says the year is 101, the version of ActiveHome you are running has the Y2K glitch. The Y2K glitch causes timers to fail. You can download the latest version of ActiveHome from our here. Before running the installation of the Y2K version, you must CUSTOM UNINSTALL your current version using ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS in CONTROL PANEL. Select all files for deletion. This procedure will prevent different errors from occurring.

If you have the Y2K version, go to FILE and select NEW. Create a test module and a timer to go with it. If you find the timer now works, continue to use this file. You will have to recreate all of your modules again. The cause of the problem was either your data file was corrupted or you were using a copy of the demonstration file, which causes timers and macros to malfunction.

Finally, if the timers only work when you leave the computer on, make sure that you have the DOWNLOAD TO INTERFACE box checked for each timer you want sent to the interface.