Timers Or Macros Not Working In Activehome Pro

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I can control my lights/appliances through ActiveHome Pro manually, so why are my timers not working?


Macros and timers are sent in a compressed format that is more vulnerable to interference. Make sure to run Tools-Download Macros and Timers first. If you can control some lights, but others are intermittent, not responding, or respond to regular signals but not macros or timers, then generally the problem will fall into one of two categories: phase issues and line noise.

If you find that it is not a phase issue or line noise go to your 'Timer Designer' and click on 'Advanced Layout' on the right hand side. Within the timer check the box for 'Repeat' in the lower right hand corner. This will send the command multiple times when the timer runs.

If you want to run the CM15A away from the PC, make sure to check 'Store in Interface' for each timer as long as you are in the Advanced Layout.

If this fails, please go into the Help menu and select Run Intro Wizard. If the timer test in the Intro Wizard fails and you have absolutely ruled out phase and line noise problems, your CM15A may have an issue.

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