Triggering Macros with Security Modules

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How do I use a security module to trigger a macro?


If you’ve registered your version of OnAlert and have added and installed at least one of the new security modules, the Macro Designer will provide some new functionality.

In the Trigger section, a new button appears labeled ‘Use Security’. This will allow you to use a security module for the macros trigger rather than the standard X10 Address. Note: this button only appears if you have installed one of the new security modules mentioned above. Pressing this button changes the trigger display to the following:

You now have two drop down controls you can use to specify the trigger event. The one on the left is a list of your installed security modules. Click on it to pick which module you wish to use as a trigger. The second drop down control lists the possible events the selected trigger module can send. Click on this to determine which command will trigger the macro. To switch back to a standard X10 Address for the trigger, press the ‘Use Address’ button.