Troubleshooting "Call Refused" Errors

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Questions When I try to view video remotely, I get the message "Call Refused". What do I do? Answer This issue can be caused by a couple different things. First, make sure that Microsoft NetMeeting (used by PanTilt Pro to transmit video) is configured correctly. You can do this by making a NetMeeting call from the remote computer to the computer where PanTilt Pro is installed (the server machine). If you cannot successfully complete a call, check the NetMeeting settings on the "server" computer to make sure that NetMeeting is set to allow the computer to receive calls. If it is not, change the setting and try again. If NetMeeting does not work and the settings are correct on both ends, the problem may be caused by a firewal l or router blocking or rerouting ports on your computer. Blocked or rerouted ports are behind about 95% of registration and connection problems. To verify this, run our Internet Connection Test at the following location: [a href=""][/a] Type in 8080 at the bottom where it says �listening port� and click on �Run Test Again.� If it will not let you click on it, please wait for the current test to finish--this could take up to 5 minutes. If 8080 passes, test 8888. If one or both of these tests fail, it may be because a firewall or router is blocking or rerouting ports on your computer. Please note that Pan Tilt Pro requires additional ports to be open, because it uses some of the Microsoft Netmeeting software. The port numbers that Netmeeting requires for operation are: 522, 389, 1503, 1720, and 1731 for incoming Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). Microsoft also advises all incoming User Datagram Protocol (UDP) ports above 1024 be opened, but may not necessarily be required. [a href=";EN-US;283673"]For information about disabling a firewall in Windows XP[/p] [a href=" "]For information about setting up port forwarding on your router or firewall Related Articles [a href="/kbase/articles/a00055.html"]a00055[/a] : Settings for Firewalls and Proxy Servers[BR] Key Topics: firewall, proxy, port Relates to: SW21A, VK74A, ZC15A, CM19A [img src=""]