Troubleshooting Remote Connections in MyHouse Online

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Why can't I connect from a MyHouse Remote client?


If you are having trouble connecting to your ActiveHome Pro system using MyHouse Remote, here are some steps to try:

  • On the server, the computer where the cameras are, set up a remote user, so you can connect remotely. From the MyHouse menu, select User Configuration. In the User Configuration window, add a new user and assign a login ID and password.
  • Start the connection to the MyHouse Service. From the MyHouse menu, choose "Connect to MyHouse Service" to make your software available online. You can select "Connect on Program Startup" in the MyHouse menu to make sure this happens every time you start ActiveHome Pro.
  • Check the System ID. Make sure that the ID entered at the MyHouse Remote client is the same as is displayed in User Configuration in MyHouse software. For confirmation, send an e-mail from inside the User Configuration window to create a link that sets up the correct System ID.
  • Now, go to the remote location. Go to in the Internet Explorer web browser. Enter the Login ID and password again. In the Connect screen, enter your login information exactly as it appears in the User Configuration menu. If you received an e-mail with the correct data, copy and paste it into the connection window from the e-mail.

If these steps do not work, check the MyHouse Status window. The message log will tell you happens when you try to connect.

AHP System: Cannot Connect to MyHouse Service

You will see this in the MyHouse Status window if ActiveHome Pro receives incomplete data when connecting to the MyHouse Service, or if MyHouse Online Plug-in is not registered. First, from the Help Menu, choose Product Registration. The registration window will open and list ActiveHome Pro and all installed plug-ins. Make sure that the entry next to MyHouse Online says "Registered to," followed by your name.

If MyHouse Online is registered, the likely cause for connection failure is a firewall or security software. See MyHouse Online Port and Protocol for more information on how to configure your security software.

MyHouse Client: Cannot Connect to MyHouse Service

First, make sure you are logged in as a Power User or Administrator to run the MyHouse Remote application.

Next, stop the connection and re-enter the System ID into the login window. Then try to connect again.

If this does not work, the issue is likely caused by a firewall or security software. See MyHouse Online Port and Protocol for more information on how to configure your security software.

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