Troubleshooting Remote Controls Not Working For Both Protector Plus And Activehome Pro

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If you have an X10 security system and you find that remotes set to the same house code as your console are not working you will want to uncheck the Transceived House Code(s) for the house code of your Protector Plus Voice Dialer. This way the Activehome Pro interface and the Protector Plus system are not trying to send the same commands through your house wiring.

In the main ActiveHome Pro screen, click on the Tools menu, and then choose Hardware Configuration. On the bottom-right hand side you will see Transceived House Code(s). Select Specific, and uncheck any of the housecodes your Protector Plus system would receive then click Update Interface to save your House Codes within the interface. You should now be able to operate your modules using an X10 remote control.